Gina Tracey (center, pictured with Board President Julie Babineaux and Operations Manager Miriam Bellon) receives recognition for her five year anniversary with Direct Care, Inc.
Gina Tracey (center, pictured with Board President Julie Babineaux and Operations Manager Miriam Bellon) receives recognition for her five year anniversary with Direct Care, Inc.
Who Are We?

Direct Care Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit agency established in 2004, was founded on the belief that each person, regardless of developmental or intellectual ability or circumstance, has the capacity for personal growth and success. Our founders envisioned an organizational culture where everyone is valued and given opportunities to experience a quality of life that fosters independence and facilitates participation in and productive contributions to the local community.

Why Do We Do It?

Direct Care Inc. was established to address the growing needs of persons on the autism spectrum and those with other developmental disabilities. The four women who founded our organization wanted to ensure individuals and families touched by autism, in particular, could obtain assistance with activities of daily living through caregivers trained to understand the unique behavioral, communication, and other needs associated with autism spectrum disorder. We provide PCA (personal care assistant or personal care attendant) services to children, adolescents, and adults who need help with day to day activities so they can be more independent and self-sufficient in their own homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

What’s Our Specialty?

We provide personal care services to persons with an array of developmental and intellectual challenges. Our training and model of care are specially tailored to the unique needs and opportunities associated with caring for adults and children on the autism spectrum.

What Can A PCA Do for You?

A personal care assistant is an individual trained to help others with basic daily routines, also known as activities of daily living. A PCA may be able to assist you following a physical injury, chronic illness, surgery, or accident as you heal and regain your strength. A PCA can also assist someone who has a mental health, intellectual, or developmental challenge that makes it difficult for them to care for their own daily personal needs.

Waiver Services

We Assist With:

hygiene and toileting
social development
communication skill development
money management
fitness and healthy eating plans
behavior plan support
leisure and recreational activities
volunteerism and medication

Personal care attendants are trained to understand an individual person’s specific needs and receive periodic professional development throughout their employment with our agency. Our caregivers are subject to periodic drug tests, background checks, driving record reviews, and other pre-employment and post-employment screenings.

Waiver Services
Who Receives Our Services?

Persons of all ages are eligible to receive our services. Most recipients are participants in Medicaid waiver programs such as Children’s Choice Waiver (CC), Supervised Independent Living (SIL), and the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW). We also accept private cash pay, and certain long-term care insurance plans may cover our services. Direct Care is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and is eligible to provide services to persons residing in Southwest Louisiana parishes including Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis.

How Do I Access These Services For A Child Or Adult With Autism Or Other Disability?

If you or your loved one has already been approved to receive services through a Medicaid Waiver program such as CC, SIL, or NOW, you should contact the person who serves as your as your support coordinator. You can also contact the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities at 1-866-783-5553 or the Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority at 337-475-3100 for more information about Medicaid waiver services and individual waiver program eligibility. And, of course, you may contact our office in person or by phone or email to arrange for consultation about your needs and our services.

Waiver Services