Who We Are

Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana - Vision


To build a culture that embraces adults on the autism spectrum, includes them in every facet of local daily life, and offers them opportunities to make meaningful contributions to our local and regional community
Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana - Mission


To provide housing and support services to adults on the autism spectrum
Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana - Commitment


To continue to develop a local capacity to serve the growing adult autism population in our region

Our Services

Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana - How You Can Help
Who qualifies:

Applicants typically receive benefits through the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) or pay from private funds. The adults who reside in our homes are at least 18 years of age, have an autism diagnosis, and receive some form of Social Security disability income (such as SSI or SSDI). The NOW waiver will pay for PCA (personal care attendant) services and help ensure appropriate monitoring and supervision are in place on a 24/7/365 basis. Social Security disability income is used to pay room, board, personal expenses, and provides a monthly spending allowance for the individual client residing in the home.

How do I access these services?

Contact our office to inquire about the availability of housing and services. For more information about Medicaid waiver services and individual waiver program eligibility, contact the Office for Citizens with Development Disabilities at 1-866-783-5553 or the Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority at 337-475-3100.